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Techshop Digilite for Office Automation

Techshop Electric Control System PCEC O1.10xp

Techshop PCEC O1.10 XP Product Package

( Office Automation DIY Kit-New Version For Win XP/9X/NT/2000 & Win7)
Simple to Install & Wiring Diagram Included

Description :

An ideal Office automation series for all PC and Laptop users at office cabin lighting control.Pioneered by Techshop with the solution to control electrical appliances which runs on 230V AC ( OR 115 V AC Works worldwide Voltage) such as tube light,bulb,CLF,fan,bell etc...with the computer mouse click from your desktop.These systems are designed for comfort and convenience while you work on your computer .Just click on the feature rich software 'PCEC H1.10xp' on your monitor for desired operation and you can control surroundings of Home/Office as per your need without leaving your desk.With user friendly GUI minimize the software and carry on other important work on PC. With Wallmounted small panel for increased safety and reliability these systems are ready perfectly for all your automation need and made just for you!!

New Version PCEC H1.10xp Features :

* Solution to control four electrical appliances from PC desktop with mouse click.

* Compatible with office wi-fi network to wireless control four electrical appliances from handheld interface such as Android/IOS/Windows Smartphones & IPADs

* Electrical devices (230V , single phase) e.g. tube-light, bulb, fan, bell,show lamp etc can be attached to panel for PC based user control.

* Clock Display on panel and graphical switch display.

* Devices can be operated normally with traditional switches when PC is shutdown.

* Emergency ON/OFF facility to operate all four devices simultaneously.

* Indivisual Timer for each four divice.Presize timer control for each dvice up to 1 sec to 24 hour. On-to-Off / Off-to-On timer scheduler for each switch . ( *New feacher)

* Easy & fast PC installation and interfacing. Plug and Play

* NEW compact Wall Mounted Panel Size : 4 X 4 X 2 inch Panel weight : 100gm. Compact & light with Bright White color .

* User comfort GUI and simple to operate. Graphical Skin choice for software

Product Screenshots:

Techshop PCEC H1.10 XP Product Package

Techshop Digilite for Office Automation

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