We supply a Lighting automation  
DIY kit useful for any desktop or  
laptop PC user .These kits are mini  
PLC ( Program Logic Controller)  
which are connected to PC parallel  
port (LPT1).We supply you a  
complete hardware and associate  
software we manufacture under  
brand "Techshop" along with  
installation guide.Using these kit  
PC home/SOHO user can control  
four electrical devices such as tube  
lights/bulb/CFL/Fan etc. from  
computer mouse click.With  
software scheduler facility timers  
can set/reset for On-to-Off and  
Off-to-On switching of lights  
automatically as per your  
schedules.These kits are perfect  
utility add-on as new computer  
peripheral product by which  
domestic PC user can interface  
electric devices out of PC CPU.  
Company Overview
Techshop Enterprise is a 10-year-
old specialty products business  
built on reliable solutions and  
customer satisfaction. PC based  
control systems were just our  
business beginning; now we’re  
thinking beyond. Today you could  
compare us to a twenty-something  
entrepreneur with a bright vision.  
Not quite Silicon Valley, but  
innovation-focused none the less.  
We did start in a garage, and our  
origin was similarly humble.  
Comparable to the products we  
produced - foundational - and  
essential to the construction and  
functionality of something bigger.
Techshop Smartlite™

Model: PCEC H1.10XP
For Home Automation

* Wallmount Triac Plastic Model
* 4 outputs 110 watt load each

Price : INR 2500/-

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Welcome to Techshop Enterprise !!

Our group works for electronic automation products mainly for home , office  
automation,Showroom & Shops,Warehouses ,seminar & conference hall  
automation. Other interests of the group are in the field of micro-controllers,  
embedded systems, computer peripherals, telecom products and R&D.  
Companies software wing develops customizable solutions in technical as well as  
non-technical category, web solutions and networking.

Techshop Enterprise is based in India and manufactures, assembles and carries  
on the business of sale , marketing ,installation and servicing for the products in  
above segment.
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Techshop Digilight™

Model: PCEC O1.10XP
For Office Automation.

* Wallmount Triac Plastic Model
* 4 outputs 110 watt load each

Price : INR 3999/-

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Techshop Flexilite ™

Model: PCEC CHA1.10XP
For Showroom & Warehouse
* Sheet Metal Table top Relay Model
* 8 Outputs 140 watt load each

Price : INR 17500/-

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Trial Software & Brochures
Product Showcase
We have completed PC based
control with Parallel port Interface
for lighting devices projects to
engineering college students
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